All Natural Organic Leg Cramp Formula

Leg Cramp Formula
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~~~ Leg Cramp Essential Oil Blend ~~~

Last year I had my worst experience ever with pain from non stop leg cramps from above my knee to the tips of my toes, both the front and back of my legs and calf. I was walking the hall and crying they were so severe. The pain was so severe I could not even think straight. My 12 year old could not straighten out my foot or ankle the muscle contractions were so severe. I was drawn to my case of organic therapeutic grade essential oils, and let my instincts pull out the correct oils for me. I came up with 5 oils. As soon as I applied them, my relief was instantaneous!

Historically I have wrapped my leg or foot in a hot moist towel, I have "stretched the muscle", I have walked, and as a last resort I took a prescription. None of those things worked. I didn't think I would ever find a cure for my leg cramps. I take Magnesium and Potassium, and get blood work done every two weeks. My levels are always perfect, so I knew that was not the cause. I've gone to my chiropractor and had my spine stretched, so I knew it was not my low back.

I still do not know the cause of my leg cramps, and I do still get them, although not nearly as often as I used to. I now keep a pre-mixed bottle of my leg cramp solution in my night stand, and at the very start I put a drop on the "hot spot", following the muscle length with a drop every two inches or so. After applying each drop I would rub in a circular motion a few times, expanding my circle with each rotation, the rubbing down until I got to the next spot that I was going to apply a drop of my mixture. Using this method the cramp never gets a chance to get a foot hold, so to speak, and I can finally get peace and relief from these horrible cramps. I have used this recipe as a mixture of all the oils combined & shaken to mix together, & I have also layered the oils individually, with the same amazing result.

This wonderful mixture contains only pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, NOT perfume grade oils. They are used by the drop, NOT by the bottle. They are completely non toxic and chemical free.

Our world has slowly but sadly become a toxic waste dump. An even sadder fact is that we are often unknowingly polluting our own body with toxic chemicals in common products we use on a daily basis. Most companies only care about the bottom line...their the expense of their customers’ health. They use the cheapest ingredients they can to make the item sellable to the public, which more often then not includes toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, as defined by the FDA. These toxic cancer causing chemicals are in everything from deodorant and toothpaste to fly and mosquito repellant.

Our skin is the largest organ and system of the body (whether animal or human). Our skin breaths and absorbs all the things we put on it, as well as pollutants in the air. Sadly this includes toxic chemicals, everything from soap, perfume and lotion to insect repellents. Our skin absorbs up to 63% of every product we apply to it, and that includes toxic chemicals.


I'm a ferrier, I have been shoeing horses for 25 years. This is the 1st Fly Spray that I have ever used that worked 100%. I did not have to re-apply at all during the hour I was working on the horse. I have used this fly and have never been dissapointed. It works better than any other spray on the market. -Marya S.


Tipping your animals ears, or placing oils on your hands and holding your pets paw is a fantastic way to calm a stressed or frightened pet. Tranquil Essential Oil calms our horse down so much he almost fell asleep while being shoed!


In the end, the only person responsible for what we put in and on our body is our self. We can slowly poison our body, or we can take charge, and pursue an alternative way to get the job done faster and better with therapeutic grade essential oils.